Web Online Focus

“Never discourage anyone…who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.”
― Plato


About Us

Once upon a time, in the land of advertising, a couple of friends, decided to join forces in order to conquer a part of the online plane. In the offline plane people were chaotic, everyday trying to come up with something new to show the people, creativity was beying stretched almost to the point of breaking. More and more people tend to rely on the realm of the online ads. Mostly divided by the two giants Google and Facebook, we specialized in making campaigns for the companies that want to harness the power of online marketing.

In the online plane, advertising had no limits, knew no boundries, while in offline plane (also known as the real world) people had a limited amount of things they could do like, banners, flyers, local news media etc.

Our story starts when we decided to become a team, we all worked before in advertising or design and writing, but now as a team we wanted to become advertising superheroes, Urz, Kaisa and Malika, were the first, but more followed shortly, and joined our crusade in helping all of the companies in need, struggling to take the step from offline ads to online ads or witch just wanted to have their online ads refined by our powerfull magic hands and spells.

Call us for a buff (+10% Brand awareness), or to craft a spell for you that will forever be yours to be the first on the battlefield (Adwords Campaign), But if you ever want a combo of both online and offline, that is when you should call us, we have some magical printers (UV Printer) that will absolutely put your brand on whatever material we can craft, from stones, to diamons we can print on ! 


Webdesign and development

We do not just design, we craft and devise your webpage to be magical, may your customers experience the best UI and UX so that you can be more relaxed and watch your army grow and conquer new markets. 


Making keywords work can be tricky, for us is in our blood. Search engine marketing is tough, and we always enjoy a good battle, that is probably our most trusted value, we go to war with you, adwords is a tough place it is really an non stop auction, don’t you want somebody as tough as a general going to an auction war for you? 

Application development

People now have an app for almost everything, join the battlefield, sell or promote your products or services through the most enduring terrain there is, the marketplace. Ios/android/windows development available from our prestigious coders

Logo, banners, flyers, brochures

We provide digital printing, offset printing, uv printing, full design and print services. We provide product design services, using our skilled craftsman we can devise a promotional product that can make your company glow even in it s darkest times, a good product will forever make you known.

Full offline campaign

with warriors collecting data, hostesses delivering your ads and materials at different events, may you get the biggest reach in your crusade to conquer new markets, we have international experience promoting local companies overseeas.